Donovalkovo – A Playhouse Community

Picture it…a beautiful quaint town, set in the mountains, with all of the amenities and conveniences located within less than a square mile.  Sound too perfect?  Maybe for adults, but certainly not for the littlest of visitors.  Known as the “capital city of children”, Donovalkovo, located in Donovaly, Slovakia gives the smallest friends freedom and space for creativity.

Donovalkovo and Lilliput Play Homes Create Magical Moments in the Mountains 

Lilliput Play Homes, based in Finleyille, PA, was contacted by Patty Ski Donovaly, a Slovakian resort town, to help create a magical play village for children among the rolling green mountains of central Slovakia.  With an enthusiastic yes, the work immediately began at Lilliput Play Homes.  Donovalkovo officially opened in July 2017 and has been fulfilling children’s imaginations ever since.  The tiny, big village includes 16 Lilliput playhouses arranged among realistic streets where children can drive cars throughout the town, just like adults!

To make this dream a reality in Donovaly, Lilliput Play Homes worked closely with the owners of Patty Ski to help create this magical destination. The interactive, hands-on, play-based village includes:

  • 24-hour Diner
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Hospital
  • Service Station
  • Market
  • Post Office
  • Movie Theater
  • Salon
  • Bank
  • Construction Site
  • And much more!

Diner PlayhomeCommercial Play Homes

In addition to the playhouses, the paved streets, sidewalks, street signs and beautiful landscaping make this attraction a delightful experience for young and old.  For the 2018 summer season, Lilliput Play Homes has custom-built a train station, surf shack, retro camper, castle with climbing walls and slide, as well as an additional farm.  The shipment will be arriving in the next month, with installation to be completed before the attraction’s summer opening.

The wonderfully dedicated Donovalkovo staff ensures that each playhouse is a different experience.  Children can become a firefighter, policeman, banker, car racer, doctor and many more different professions. The accessories and costumes help to make each play area as realistic as possible.
In addition to being a summer destination of fun, the tiny town welcomes school trips, summer camps and other children’s groups.  For primary school students, they have curriculum-based programs to educate children on values, society, nature, occupations, art and culture, and health and movement.

Create Your Magical Moments with Lilliput Play Homes

For almost 30 years, Lilliput Play Homes, located outside of Pittsburgh, PA, has been bringing children’s imaginations to life with high-quality indoor and outdoor playhouses.  Over the years, many communities, like Donovaly, have discovered the magic that these houses can bring to their smallest of residents. Lilliput Play Homes has long been recognized as the leader in the design and construction of children’s playhouses.  Our skilled craftsmen create each playhouse with pride and expertise, while ensuring a high-quality, durable and safe play area.   At Lilliput Play Homes, we welcome the opportunity to work with you on customizing a tiny, big village that fits your community’s needs, space and budget.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen!  Contact one of our Lilliput Design Specialists today at 724-348-7071 to learn more.

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