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Main Street Bank

Who doesn't love playing with money? Inside this turn-of-the-century styled Main Street Bank play house, children can take turns playing the role of the teller or the customer, access the faux vault, visit the drive-up window, or, if they are in a hurry, there's always the ATM! This stately structure is built with imitation stone, quoin block corners, a large palladium window and an entry framed with two large columns.  A round window with muntins and dental molding provide formal decoration along the roof line.  The bank vault has a "break in" option when built adjacent to our Main Street Police Station, which allows for a tunnel between the two to facilitate a heist!  Our Main Street Bank is the perfect location to "deposit"  "hundreds" of smiles!


Playhouse Features Include:
Drive-Up Window, ATM, Custom Signage, Vault, Teller Counter

Lilliput Exclusive Interactive Accessories:
ATM – $3,499

Need a safe place to stow away your hard-earned lemonade stand money? Our interactive ATM has you covered! The ATM includes a multitude of interactive features .  In addition to a keyboard, it includes a button which when pressed increases your  Checking and Savings amounts, accompanied by a “whooshing sound.”  There are also lighted buttons for “Debit,” “Credit,” or “Cash.” An attached durable ATM card can be inserted into a slot in the front, resulting in a “cha-ching” noise when inserted.  It’s the perfect spot to grab some imaginary cash before headed out on a pretend candy shopping spree.

Bank Heist Theme – $1,850
Think that your money is safe? Think again! The Lilliput Bank Heist Theme is an additional vault room that can be added to the Bank playhouse. But beware, robbers have broken through the wall from the police station and into the vault! Inside lies a room filled with valuable loot. Children can travel through a tunnel from the Police Station, into the vault, and then make a grand escape through the vault door which exits into the bank. 
(Only available with the additional purchase of the Main Street Police Station)

Playhouse Options:

Customize your Playhouse:
You can customize any Main Street playhouse to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the sizes, colors, features, themes, etc. Some models may be converted for exterior use. Please consult a Lilliput Design Specialist.

Playhouse Specifications:

  • Base size: 6′ wide x 7′ deep
  • Bottom of base to peak: 9′ high
  • Door opening: 3′ wide x 4’8″ high

Playhouse Colors:
Steely Grey, Extra White, Tricom Black, Fireweed Red