Crazy Clubhouse Front

Crazy Clubhouse

Oh - fun summer days! Can you hear the squeals of laughter? Run, climb, slide, send a secret message, plan your next adventure, and make the very best memories in our Crazy Clubhouse. This elevated playhouse has it all including wacky support posts, crooked windows, a peep-hole front door, a tube slide, a rock wall, a pully bucket, dormers and a stove pipe chimney ! Custom signage is included, but loads of other customization available to make this play space match your childhood vision. Who is ready to have some backyard fun?


Included Playhouse Features:
Elevated Clubhouse, 5 ft deck height Spiral Slide, Ladder with Handles, Rock Climbing Wall, Wacky Support Posts, Telescope, Rope with Pully and Bucket, Speak Easy Door, Rustic Mailbox and Custom Signage

Playhouse Options:

  • Enlarged Deck
  • Lower-Level Base Playhouse Structure
  • Doorbell
  • Electrical panel
  • AC unit
  • Enlarge your playhouse, choose your own colors, & more!

Depending upon model you may also be able to incorporate play activities such as swings, slides, climbing walls, tunnels, etc. to make your playhouse an active as well as creative play space. Consult with a Lilliput design specialist to discuss.

Playhouse Specifications:

  • Raised deck size: 10’ wide x 10’ deep
  • Clubhouse: 10’w x 6’ d x 9’h

Playhouse Colors:
Hyper Blue, Fireweed, Canvas Tan, Gleeful, Extra White, Urbane Bronze, Shamrock. (Colors can be customized.)