Main Street Doctor’s Office

This charming Doctor's Office along Main Street, with clapboard siding and large flower box, serves as the ideal place for quick check-ups or emergency visits. Equipped with eye and skeletal charts and its very own defibulator, aspiring young physicians can make the right diagnosis with confidence in this adorable playhouse. Or upgrade to our Hospital with drive-through Emergency Room for added activity-related fun.


Playhouse Features Included:
Flower Box, Exam Table, Eye Chart, Skeletal Chart, Defibrillator, Diploma, Flowers, Medicine Cabinet, Custom Signage

Playhouse Options:

Customize your Playhouse:
You can customize any Main Street playhouse to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the sizes, colors, features, themes, etc. Please consult a Lilliput Design Specialist.

Playhouse Floor Plan:

  • Base size: 6’w x 6’d
  • Door size: 3’w x 4’8″h
  • Overall height: 8’9″

Playhouse Colors:
Extra White, Fireweed Red