Main Street Fire Station

Every town needs a firehouse! What child wouldn't love ringing the fire bell and rushing out of the fire station playhouse to douse the blazing inferno? Our faux brick Main Street Fire Station provides all the ingredients for a successful adventure: fire bell, call box, hose and reel, and hydrant. All that's missing is the water! Upgrades include an escape hatch or tunnel through the adjacent burning building and our child-sized Fire Truck. When our brave firefighters are off duty, there's plenty of room to relax until the next emergency!


Playhouse Features Included:
Custom Signage, Call Box, Fire Bell, Hose & Reel, Hydrant, Faux Brick

Lilliput Exclusive Interactive Accessories:
Revolving Emergency Light – $380
Get your helmet on and sound the alarm, we have a fire on Main Street! The Revolving Emergency Light accessory lets children’s imagination come to life. The emergency handle on the outside of the fire station comes with a button that when pressed, lights up letting your little firefighters know that its time to get ready!

Main Street Fire Truck – $4,999
Get ready to gear up the truck! Make sure everything is packed. Axes, check. Hoses, check. Helmets, check. But wait, where is Sparky the Dalmation? Our interactive fire truck allows brings your fire station alive. Complete with steering wheel for the fire captain, realistic control panel, and additional storage for all your tools, this truck will make your little town much safer.

 Playhouse Options:

Customize your Playhouse:
You can customize any Main Street playhouse to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the sizes, colors, features, themes, etc. Please consult a Lilliput Design Specialist.

Playhouse Specifications: 

  • Base size: 6’6″w x 6’6″d
  • Door size: 3’10″w x 4’8″h
  • Overall height: 8’8″

Playhouse Colors:
Fireweed Red, Extra White, Steely Grey