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Main Street Grocery Market

What child doesn't love pushing a shopping cart around the store, tossing in all sorts of food and produce items? This turn-of-the-century charmer, complete with awnings, is guaranteed to be the busiest place in town. Equipped with a checkout counter, produce bin, and merchandise shelves, the Grocery Market along Main Street is a classic in every way.


Playhouse Features Include:
Counter, Produce Display Stand, Shelving (2), Custom Signage

Lilliput Exclusive Interactive Accessories:
Scanning Check-Out Counter – $1,999
“Beep…Beep…Beep… that will be $7.59 please!” Make a child’s imagination come to life with this interactive check-out counter that lights up and makes a “beep” when an item is scanned. Inside each interactive check-out counter is a motion sensor that is able to detect when an item is placed on top of it. This exclusive accessory option is only available at Lilliput and is sure to put a smile on the face of any child.

Child-Sized Commercial Shopping Cart – $185
This authentic child-sized metal shopping cart is crafted by a leading shopping cart manufacturer and makes for a great addition to your playhouse. The cart’s interactive, durable, and easy-to-use design is the perfect size for any young shopper as they pick up all the essential food groups, from cookie dough to… more cookie dough?

Market Merchandise Package – $595
“How do you like them apples?” Fully stock the shelves of your playhouse with our exclusive Market Merchandise Package which includes an assortment of playable faux food items, 4 stacking shopping baskets, 4 fabric shopping bags, a calculator cash register, and a child-sized commercial shopping cart. Also included within the package is a “30 piece grocery set”, “18 piece vegetable set,” “18 piece fruit set,” “18 piece wooden pantry products,” and “18 piece wooden refrigerator foods set.”

ATM – $2,999
Need a safe place to stow away your hard-earned lemonade stand money? Our interactive ATM has you covered! The ATM includes a multitude of interactive features including a light-up touch pad and a customized light-up revolving display. Need some cash? Insert a wooden ATM card and the ATM will return cash so that you can go on a candy shopping spree. Wooden coins can also be inserted into a coin deposit which traverse the machine and return out to a coin return slot. Included with the ATM is “wooden cash,” “ATM card,” and “wooden coins”.

Playhouse Options:

  • Cash Register
  • Customized Aprons
  • Commercial Shopping Cart
  • Increase Playhouse Size
  • Custom Paint Selection
  • Exterior Conversion
  • Kid’s Play Furniture
  • Theming

Customize your Playhouse:
You can customize any Main Street playhouse to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the sizes, colors, features, themes, etc. Please consult a Lilliput Design Specialist.

Playhouse Specifications:  

  • Base size: 8’w x 7’d
  • Door size: 3’w x 4’3″h
  • Overall height: 9’1″h

Playhouse Colors
Lemon Chiffon, Extra White, Shamrock Green, Fireweed Red