Ice Cream Truck -website pic

Main Street Ice Cream Truck

Do you hear that noise? Better drop what you are doing and run to the street to grab a refreshing ice cream cone!  The summer heat is no match to the power of a chocolate vanilla twist! The Lilliput ice cream truck can be the sprinkles on top of any great play village or town. Children can get behind the wheel and meet all sorts of friends, children and friendly dogs alike! See some eager customers? Put the truck in park and slide behind the counter to take your customers orders. Our truck is loaded with plenty of shelves to store and display the multitude of flavors available. Once your customers have a tummy full of ice cream, put the truck in drive and get ready to do it again.


Included Playhouse Features:
Custom Signage, Faux Lights and Tires, Serving Counter, Awning, Shelving Unit, Checkerboard Flooring, Driver’s Seat, Dashboard and Steering Wheel (Note: Steering wheel does not control wheels)


  • Increase Size
  • Custom Paint Selections
  • Exterior Conversion
  • Theming


  • Specifications: 8’ wide x 4’ deep
  • Door size: 2’ wide x 4’ high
  • Overall height: 6’ high


Swimming, Gleeful, Rose Colored, Extra White, Tricorn Black