Piccadilly Playhouse

Inspired by the picturesque cottages of the Cotswolds, this Tudor playhouse boasts simulated clapboard siding, crisscross trim, a Dutch door, and a green asphalt shingle roof. Inside, the simulated antique plank flooring provides the perfect setting for any proper tea party or, for a quieter afternoon, climb into the loft and curl up with your favorite story. Surrounded by a wildflower garden and window boxes brimming with bright blooms, the Piccadilly Playhouse is every child´s dream.


Playhouse Features Include:
Loft, Window Boxes, Dutch Door, Faux Hardwood Floor

Playhouse Options:

Playhouse Specifications:

  • Base size:  7’4″ wide x 5’9″ deep
  • Loft: 29″ x 88″
  • Bottom of base to peak: 99″
  • Floor to bottom of loft: 52″
  • Door height: 53″
  • Wall height: 56″

Playhouse Colors:
Extra White, Stone Lion, Shamrock Green