Main Street Retro Camper

Gear up and get ready for the great outdoors with this retro 1960s style camper! Just like your family vacations to the state parks, this adorable playhouse is full of fun and excitement. Featuring a customizable license plate, faux luggage and retro metallic trim, the cute camper is bound to bring a smile to any child. Make sure to pack some smores, flashlights, and sleeping bags, but remember, don't tell too many scary stores!


Playhouse Features Included:
Faux Luggage Rack Railings, Customized License Plate, Window Seat Bench, Faux Lights and Tires, Propane Tank, Checkerboard Flooring

Playhouse Options:

  • Kid’s Play Furniture
  • Retro Kitchen
  • Increase Playhouse Size
  • Custom Paint Selection
  • Exterior Conversion
  • Theming

Playhouse Specifications:

  • Specifications: 9’1″wide x 3’8″ deep
  • Door size: 24″w x 48″ h
  • Overall height: 5’10″h

Playhouse Colors:
Extra White,  Swimming Pool Blue, Mariner, Tricorn Black, Positive Red