Rollerskate Ranch Product Picture Square

Roller Skate Ranch

Ranch living is big and wide and open – just like our lovely Roller Skate Ranch playhouse!  With lots of room to invite the entire gang inside to play, this grand playhouse is a sheer delight!  It features a deluxe fireplace mantel encased in a light stain wood, matching the charming shutters and multiple doors.  Climb up a ladder to the loft and exit the double doors to survey your land below!  This playhouse has no shortage of light which can enter through the numerous windows, many of which are operable with screens, and two of which are framed with window boxes to hold your flowering blooms.  Add a kitchen and this play house will be ready to prepare a grand feast for all those who enjoy play and pretend!


Included Playhouse Features:
Loft, Faux Hardwood Floors, Flower Boxes, Stained Shutters, and Deluxe Fireplace Mantle

Playhouse Options:

  • Faux Fireplace
  • Doorbell
  • Mailbox
  • Electrical panel
  • AC unit
  • Kitchen
  • Add extra height
  • Enlarge your playhouse, choose your own colors, & more!

You may also incorporate play activities such as swings, slides, climbing walls, tunnels, etc. to make your playhouse an active as well as creative play space. Consult with a Lilliput design specialist to discuss.

Playhouse Specifications:

  • Base size: 16’6″ x 8′
  • Loft: 4′ x 8′
  • Bottom of base to peak of upper roof: 12’6″
  • Bottom of Base to Peak of main roof: 10′
  • Floor to bottom of loft: 59″
  • Bottom of base to top of balcony rail: 7’8″
  • Door height: 52″
  • Wall height: 60″
  • Height of pergola: 64:

Playhouse Colors:
Extra White, Tricorn Black, Walnut