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The Pickup

"Move over dad, I got this!". This historical model hand-crafted out of fir and pine wood is based on the 1948 Ford F-1 Pickup Truck and exhibits much of the same charm and elegance of the original. Watch as kids take turns behind the movable wheel and load packages in and out of the back of the truck. Each truck comes with a custom license plate and may also be custom painted to the owner's liking. Car lovers can enjoy the history behind the accurate representation of the truck while kids will pretend to coast through windy country roads and dense city streets.


Fir and Pine Wood Body, Faux Dashboard,  Faux Metallic Retro Trim, Rollable Rubber Wheels, Clear Hard-Plastic Windshield, (2) Workable Doors, Custom License Plate, Loadable Truck Bed, Faux Headlights, Movable Steering Wheel (Note: Steering wheel does not control wheels).


  • Faux Hay Bale
  • Pickle Crate


  • 32″ wide x 92″ deep
  • Door Height: 29″
  • Total Height: 39″

The Default model is Positive Red but may be customized to your choosing.



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