Trolly Town Center

Main Street Trolley

Whether it's a replica of your town's trolley or you want a charming addition to your village, the Main Street Trolley Line is the answer. Interior accessories can be as simple as bench seating, a steering wheel and an operable train whistle or as action-packed as a slide out the back of the trolley. No matter what you choose, the children will enjoy the fun and imagination of this adorable addition.


Playhouse Features Include:
Steering Wheel, Bench Seating, Custom Signage

Playhouse Options:

Customize your Playhouse:

You can customize any Main Street playhouse to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the sizes, colors, features, themes, etc. Please consult a Lilliput Design Specialist.

Playhouse Specifications: 

  • Base size: 10’w x 4’6″d
  • Overall height: 7″h

Playhouse Colors:
Baked Clay, Incredible White, Tricom Black/Gold