Pizza Shop Product Photo Square

Uptown Pizza Shop

"Ay get ya pizza here, only $1 dolla!"

Fire up the ovens, flip the dough, and make sure there is plenty of cheese! It's going to be a busy one today. The Uptown Pizza Shop offers children the opportunity to run their very own pizza parlor and serve their favorite food to hungry customers. Children can throw pizza into the realistic light up oven, sprinkle on toppings in an interactive ingredient station, and ring up customers at the interactive sales counter.  This urban pizza shop will surely be a hit on your little neighborhood block.


Included Playhouse Features:
Faux Stone, Wood laminate Siding, Sales Counter, Food Prep Oven Counter, Faux Brick Pizza Oven, Menu, Pizza Peel

Playhouse Options:

  • Increase Playhouse Size
  • Custom Paint Selection
  • Exterior Conversion
  • Theming

Playhouse Specifications:

  • Base size: 8’1″w x 7’6″d
  • Door size: 3’w x 4’6″h
  • Overall height: 8′3″

Playhouse Colors:
Reclaimed Wood, Canvas Tan, Juneberry, Tricorn Black