Financing Options

You have the dream, you have the desire and you have the plan, …but you may
need financial help to create the opportunity to bring this vision to life. Lilliput has
welcomed the chance to partner with American Financial Partners to assist our clients with
a means to bring imaginary play to your play center, school, child care facility,
museum, or other business.

Each business is unique, and for some the opportunity to lease, rather than pay
cash outright, or take out a business loan may be a good option. Leasing offers a
means to obtain your play houses without major capital investment and with credit
and tax benefits.

Reasons to consider leasing:

  • Preserves Capital – Leasing provides flexibility to put the money you would
    spend outright toward another more urgent area of your business. You can
    acquire your assets and begin your business with minimal initial
  • Low Monthly Payments- Lease payments are often lower than the monthly
    payments attached to a business loan or line of credit
  • Line of Credit remains Protected – Leasing does not impact your credit lines
  • Tax Advantages - Lease payments can usually be deducted as business
    expenses on your tax return.
  • Fixed Payments – Rather than a floating rate, which can be standard with bank loans, leasing gives you a fixed rate for the term of the lease.

To learn more about leasing options, or for payment approximations, please visit
the American Financial Partners link below, or contact us and we will have a
representative reach out to you.