Post office website cover shot

Main Street Post Office

Who doesn't love getting mail? Now, children can role play mailing their letters at our Post Office playhouse with our interactive mailbox, sorting them in our old-fashioned pigeon-holed letter cabinet, and delivering the mail all around the village. That means fun no matter what role you play!


Included Playhouse Features:
Interactive Mailbox, PVC “Mail, Pigeon-Hole Letter Sorting Cabinet, Custom Signage

Playhouse Options:

Customize your Playhouse:
You can customize any Main Street playhouse to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the sizes, colors, features, themes, etc.  Some models may be converted to exterior use. Please consult a Lilliput Design Specialist.

Playhouse Specifications: 

  • Base size: 5’w x 5’d
  • Door size: 3’w x 4’7″
  • Overall height: 7’4″

Playhouse Colors
Steely Grey, Extra White, Dynamic Blue