Fitness Center

Uptown Fitness Center

It's time to rise and get moving! First up some jumping jacks? But, don’t forget to stretch out! The Uptown Fitness Center is a great addition to your town and will be a favorite among little athletes. Gym goers will be thrilled to view themselves in the mirrored walls as they use the child-sized bench with life-like toy weights to become big and strong. Want to enjoy some cardio? Our gym also includes a miniature exercise bike and treadmill that will get you sweating! After your workout, give a high-five to your partner and hit the town for some ice cream. Because you earned it!


Included Playhouse Features:
Awnings, Inspirational Wall Décor, Mirrored Wall, Custom Signage, Exercise Bike, Treadmill, Barbell

Playhouse Options:

  • Increase Playhouse Size
  • Custom Paint Selections
  • Exterior Conversion
  • Theming

Playhouse Specifications:

  • Base size: 8’1″w x 6’1″d
  • Door size: 3’w x 4’″h
  • Overall height: 8′1″

Playhouse Colors:
Pizazz Peach, Extra White, Mandarin